The Establishment of OzHelp Tasmania

In 2006 the Tasmanian building and construction industry became aware through their industry superannuation fund (CBus) that on average ten apprentices and workers where losing their life through suicide, drugs and alcohol and unknown causes a year. In response the OzHelp Tasmania Foundation, a not for profit organisation, was established in 2007 based on a successful program developed in Canberra. Designed to provide workplace based early intervention suicide prevention and social capacity building programs it was built on a vision to enhance the resilience of apprentices and workers in the construction and building industry, while at the same time strengthen the leadership and support roles of the industry leaders. This is achieved by undertaking workplace training and support services including workplace mental health and wellbeing training. Success within the building and construction industry has seen an 80% reduction in deaths.

PDF Icon An overview of the Foundation 2007 to 2014

Supporting other industries and workplaces

Whilst still undertaking its primary role of suicide prevention and social capacity building within the building and construction industry OzHelp Tasmania has broadened its scope due to the success of the program and requests for training and support from other industries and workplaces recognizing that overall workplace mental health and wellbeing was not being fully addressed.


Training is now undertaken in a variety of workplaces including private companies and government organisations.

Training and support services are also provided to all apprentices and trainees enrolled at TasTAFE under the Skills for Life program.


Activities include:

  • Providing workplace supervisors with the practical skills to manage and look after their employees.
  • Providing workplaces with an introduction to mental health and wellbeing to enable employees to look after themselves and others.  
  • Providing practical life skills for young apprentices and trainees to develop resilience and coping skills (especially during their transition from school into the workplace).
  • Support services to all industry personnel to assist them manage difficulties or issues in both their personal and professional lives. 

What does the OzHelp Tasmania Foundation Provide?

OzHelp Tasmania provides training and support services for workplace metal health and wellbeing incorporating suicide prevention and social capacity building programs.


The Training Service includes:

  • Suicide Prevention training – safeTALK, SALT
  • Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Training
  • Workplace Supervisor Program
  • The OzHelp Life Skills ‘Tool Box’ Program

The Support Service includes:

  • Apprentice and trainee support
  • Worker support
  • Employer support
  • Advisory and counselling support

Using the OzHelp Tasmania Services

For information contact Morgan Hodge, Administration and Training Manager on 1300 003 313, 03 6231 0919 or



Resilient and supported workforces where suicide is not an option. 



To provide workplace suicide prevention and social capacity building programs incorporating mental health and wellbeing services designed to reduce the loss of life through suicide and to develop resilient, resourceful and productive workforces.  


Our Identity:    

OzHelp Tasmania  is a not for profit organisation that undertakes workplace suicide prevention and early intervention activities incorporating mental health and wellbeing programs that target apprentices and young workers, adult workers, employers and managers in Tasmania in order to:-

  • Provide proactive suicide prevention and early intervention services
  • Foster good mental health and wellbeing in Tasmanian workplaces
  • Provide mental health and wellbeing education and social capacity building programs
  • Provide mental health and well being prevention and promotion activities
  • Provide early intervention services including linkages to established professional service providers, community mental health services and NGO’s

Our Declaration

We will passionately ensure the provision of training and support services that are designed to build confidence, resilience and wellbeing throughout Tasmanian workplaces.


We will energetically seek to:

  • Provide training and health promotion services that remain relevant to industry in order to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing and reduce the risk of suicide or self harm amongst Tasmanian workers;
  • Build innovation around the delivery of core and other services designed to build resilience and resourcefulness amongst Tasmanian workers;
  • Encourage and receive referrals of workers whose circumstances place them at risk of mental health problems including suicide, and provide them with appropriate early intervention services;
  • Increase access for workers ‘at risk’ to appropriate support and resources in order to reduce the risk of suicide or self harm;
  • Improve industry’s awareness and understanding of mental health and wellbeing including suicide issues and engender more supportive attitudes to those in the workforce at most risk;
  • Build strong resilience of new (mostly young) workers in the industry (apprentices and trainees) to protect against suicide;
  • Engender a workplace environment that fosters good mental health and wellbeing and discourage the stigma attached to mental illness;
  • Raise awareness of mental ill health, its causes and associated factors;
  •  Educate the workforce in techniques that encourage early recognition of mental health and wellbeing issues and that seek appropriate interventions.