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“How’s it going?” It’s the question we often use as a greeting – rather than asking the question and taking the time to really listen for the answer. Conversely we often respond to the greeting with “Ok, you?” even when things are not really ok.


In reality things can’t be ok all the time. Problems do occur and, if left unresolved, can lead to stress, anxiety and depression. In turn, this can lead to relationship breakdowns, increased alcohol and other drug use and withdrawal from doing the things we enjoy.


The How’s it Going? initiative aims to encourage people to ask the question as a question and for people to respond honestly. The focus isn’t necessarily on solving problems but rather on listening in a non-judgemental manner, linking people to support and/or providing them with a copy of the How’s it Going? book.


We hope this book will give you the confidence to help you look after your mates and to seek help yourself if you need it. If you would like copies of the book for your workplace please contact


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Supporting How’s it Going? and OzHelp Tasmania



OzHelp Tasmania is seeking your support to ensure its ability to continue to provide suicide prevention and mental health and wellbeing support to industry workers in the Tasmanian building and civil construction industries.


This is our first fundraising drive since our inception ten years ago when, with industry and business donations, the Foundation was able to be established. During this time the Foundation has supported an 80% reduction in suicides and deaths by unknown causes per year from a starting point of 10 per annum.  OzHelp has also increased the resilience and mental health and wellbeing of the workforce. To put this in perspective, had there been no initiative the sectors would have potentially lost over 80 of its members to suicide and unknown causes over the past 10 years.


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