OzHelp Support Services

OzHelp Support services are about making sure that apprentices, workers, supervisors, managers and employers are able to keep moving forward in their personal and professional lives. It is a service that includes:


Apprentice / Trainee Support


The move from school and the first few years in any industry can be difficult. This service provides practical support to young apprentices and trainees as they make the transition into the workforce.


Worker / Supervisor / Manager Support


Problems find a way to affect us all, no matter how tough or resilient we might think we are. Whether it be stress at work or at home, relationship difficulties, or feeling down; OzHelp provides an independent service to assist in helping clients manage and resolve difficulties.


Employer Support

Often as employers we do not have the necessary knowledge, experience or contacts to deal with employee issues of a personal or mental health nature. OzHelp fills the gap by either providing direct support or referral to an appropriate agency.


Issues with which OzHelp can help can be personal, work or home related and include:

  • Conflict resolution & communication
  • Financial stress & debt management
  • Relationship & family difficulties
  • Dealing with anger & other strong emotions
  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Thoughts of self harm
  • Dealing with grief & loss
  • Problem solving at work & home


Each team member is bound by strict ethics relating to privacy and is committed to providing respectful and confidential services


Getting Support

If you would like to duscuss any issue please contact us.


Further Information on Support Services.

For further information contact Morgan Hodge, Administration and Training Coordinator on 03 6231 0919, 0419 189 153 or