Standard Mental Health First Aid


The 12-hour Mental Health First Aid course teaches adults (18 years and over) how to provide initial support to adults who are developing a mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis.

What the Course Covers

Course participants learn about the signs and symptoms of the common and disabling mental health problems, how to provide initial help, where and how to get professional help, what sort of help has been shown by research to be effective, and how to provide first aid in a crisis situation.

Developing mental health problems covered are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety problems
  • Psychosis
  • Substance use problems

Mental health crisis situations covered are:

  • Suicidal thoughts and behaviours
  • Non-suicidal self-injury (sometimes called deliberate self-harm)
  • Panic attacks
  • Traumatic events
  • Severe effects of drug or alcohol use
  • Severe psychotic states
  • Aggressive behaviours

Course Format

This is a 12-hour course, which is delivered as a 2-day training package (6 hours per day).
Course participants receive a copy of the Standard MHFA Manual to keep and a Certificate of Completion.

Who can attend a course?

Any interested adult can attend. Please note this course is not a therapy or support group, rather it is an education course to learn how to give first aid to others.

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S.A.L.T is a 2-hour presentation to increase suicide alertness in the workplace. This program alerts workplace members to signs that a person may be considering suicide. It acknowledges that while most people at risk of suicide signal their distress and invite help, these intervention opportunities are often overlooked. Participants learn to recognise when someone may have thoughts of suicide and to respond in ways that link them with further suicide intervention help.

The primary objectives of SALT are to:

  • Increase the support available to staff within a workplace that may have been affected by suicide or having
    thoughts of suicide, and
  • To provide the practical tools for participants to be able to be alert to, intervene and connect someone with
    thoughts of suicide to appropriate support.

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safeTALK is a half day suicide awareness workshop, created by Living Works, an international suicide prevention training organisation. The course teaches members of the community to recognise people with thoughts of suicide and to connect them to suicide first aid resources. It also offers a carefully crafted set of helping steps and the use of creative educational processes to make it possible for attendees to leave safeTALK willing and able to be suicide alert helpers.


During this course attendees will learn how to:

  • Provide practical help to people with thoughts of suicide
  • Be a suicide alert helper
  • Be aware that opportunities to help a person with thoughts of suicide are sometimes missed, dismissed
    and avoided
  • Activate a suicide alert using the TALK steps (Tell, Ask, Listen and Keep Safe)
  • Connect people with thoughts of suicide to people trained in suicide intervention

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Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Training

Workplaces have a vital role to play in providing supportive environments that promote mental health, wellbeing and resilience in its people.


To support this OzHelp Tasmania has developed a range of programs designed to:

  • Increase knowledge and attitudes towards mental health and wellbeing.
  • Promote supportive workplace environments.
  • Encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own mental health and wellbeing.
  • Provide practical skills to identify and support others in the workplace who may be struggling with mental health
    or life issues.
  • Provide tools for managers to support mental health issues in the workplace.
  • Prevent and stop bullying and harassment in the workplace.
  • Managing stress.
  • Coping with change in the workplace.  

Programs are design for all levels within an organisation from staff member to CEO and can be tailored to suit organisational requirements. 


PDF Icon Introduction to Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace
PDF Icon Connecting with Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace
PDF Icon Managing Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace
PDF Icon Prevent and Stop Bullying and Harassment in the workplace
PDF Icon Managing Stress
PDF Icon Coping with Change


Workplace Supervisor Mentor Training and Support

Based on industry feedback OzHelp has developed a Supervisor and Mentor Training package to facilitate the professional development of supervisors and mentors within industry workplaces in order to provide improved support to workers, apprentices and trainees in the workplace.

The objectives of the package are to: 

  • To provide mentors and supervisors with the skills to appropriately support workers, apprentices and trainees
    in the workplace.
  • To develop mentor and supervisor capacity to provide frontline support in their workplace.
  • To provide linkages between industry and community support services. 

Outcomes from the package are designed to:

  • Provide a supported environment where workers, apprentices and trainees are able to achieve their
    full potential.
  • Utilise the knowledge and skills of experienced personnel to maintain high quality performance and
    staff retention.
  • Increase the resilience and wellbeing of workforces. 

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The OzHelp 'Workplace' Life Skills Program - 24 hour package (3 days)


Newly developed is a ‘Workplace’ Life Skills tool box that specifically focuses on the key life skills required during the transition from the school to the workplace. This package is conducted over 3 days (either as a block or individual days) during the first or second year of an apprenticeship or traineeship. It is made up of the following modules:

  • Intro to OzHelp
  • Communication
  • Values & Beliefs
  • Needs & Wants
  • Financial Literacy and Budgeting
  • Addictions - drugs, alcohol, gambling
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Managing conflict
  • Goal setting
  • Nutrition
  • Suicide Alertness
  • Workplace Skills and Team Building
  • Managing Anger
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Financial Literacy

The ‘Tool Box’ uses adult learning principles and has been tailored in approach to take into account that most apprentices have a kinaesthetic preference in their learning styles. The Program is underpinned by the philosophy that we are all responsible for our actions and we are all doing the best we can to live fulfilling lives, with the level of awareness we have.


It has been developed as a response to reducing time away from work for employers whilst meeting ‘workplace’ life skills requirements. This course can also be individualized to meet workplace needs (for example one employer has requested a module on ‘living away from home’).


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For Further Information on any of the Training Packages

Please note that a number of these courses are conducted on an in-house basis for companies who specifically request the training, and therefore, the details and conduct of these events are tailored to the requirements of that particular organisation. 


For more information about engaging OzHelp to conduct any of these courses, or for training tailored to your organisations’ specific needs, please contact Morgan Hodge, Administration and Training Coordinator on 03 6231 0919, 0419 189 153 or