How’s it going? A conversation can change your life


We often greet people with the question, “How’s it going?” but we don’t always take the time to listen to the answer. And we often respond to the greeting by saying, “Ok, you?” even when things are not ok. In reality things can’t be ok all the time. Problems do occur, and if left unresolved, can lead to mental health issues including stress, anxiety and depression. Unresolved problems might also lead to increased alcohol and other drug use and withdrawal from doing the things we enjoy.

The “How’s it going?” initiative aims to encourage people to ask the question as a question and for people to respond honestly. The focus isn’t necessarily on solving the problems but rather on listening in a non-judgemental manner; linking people to support; and/or providing them with a copy of the “How’s it going?” booklet.


To download a copy of the booklet click here. To access hard copies of the booklet and to discuss ways in which OzHelp can support your workplace, call us on 1300 003 313. Whether it’s attending a toolbox meeting to talk about the “How’s it going?” initiative or running one of our industry-specific, in-house training courses – your mentally stronger team is only an email away.


OzHelp Tasmania would like to thank our Industry Champion, Cbus Super, and Master Builders Tasmania for partnering with us to support the mental health and wellbeing of the Tasmanian building and construction industry.
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